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Im Carla Whiteside

I'm about growing those relationships baby! I love creating a calm beautiful space for things to be all about you.

I'm a super easy-going, go-with-the-flow babe, I am the most in my element when I can help people relax and put them at ease. Nothing but love and acceptance here! I make sure you know the processes, and what to expect. I give you the space to ask any questions and discuss your expectations, so we are always on the same page. It's my goal to make you feel as relaxed as possible!


I want to make you feel gorgeously amazing! I think you are pretty darn spectacular already, BUT if I can make the outer beauty reflect the inner beauty... YASSS QWEEENNN. And I don't mean with makeup, but with confidence. I'm about enhancing what you got and bringing up that confidence by making you feel like your best beautiful self

do small things
with great love


When I was in 5th grade I would charge kids $.25 for my drawings of the tasmanian devil.... 

I know...random! Who woulda thought this would be the thing to light my entrepreneurial/artistic fire.
Why the Tasmanian Devil? I guess I liked that Taz was so wild and crazy. Space Jam was also the "it movie" to see when I was in middle school (if that tells you anything). I loved that I could create something different that people wanted. It made me feel special. 

My parents would tell you I was always a creative soul with an innovative-bold spirit.

That couldn't be more true today.

My desire for an creative outlet landed me into the world of aesthetics at age 25. I first thought of it as a fun side-hustle hobby. But it was love at first lash and I was hooked instantly. By 28, I decided I was ready to take a leap of faith and leave my fully benefited job as an insurance biller and officially start Sugar Chic. 5 years later I still chasing my boss babe dreams and couldn't be happier.


You can almost always find with an iced coffee in hand, Ipad open, working at the one of local coffee shops... productivity central! 

I feel as basic as a lifetime movie when I say "I'm a small-town girl with dreams of building an empire," but its fa-real! Creating and expanding to support others aspiring in the beauty industry fires me up! I really want to help others though my experiences and resources to grow the beauty community of my tiny town! 

I had a slow start getting my footing on finding my true calling but I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. 


"I always knew I was an artist but I never imagined it would be like this at this level" 

Small town beauty babe, devoted aesthetician, makeup connoisseur, leopard-print lover, 
lash fanatic with a passion for artistry.

Vanderpump rules 

Luxary bags, Prosecco

Vanilla cold-brew

Vici, Lulu, sephora

Los angles / seattle/ Sisters

01. favorite tv show

02. guilty pleasure

05. starbucks order


I'm hanging w/ gals & bae

Optimist , going with the flow

07. when i'm not working

06. place to shop

08. superpower

04. platform of choice

03. fave city

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Vanderpump Rules

Luxary bags, prosecco

LA, Seattle, Sisters

01. favorite tv show

02. guilty pleasure


04. platform of choice

03. fave city

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vanilla cold-brew

Sephora, vici, Lulu

Hanging w/ my gals

05. starbucks order

06. place to shop

Optimist & easy-going

08. super power

07. when i'm not working


all the fun facts

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