Everyday Habits You May Be Doing That’s Causing Your Skin Breakout

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Skin can be such a fussy thing! You try to love it but it doesn’t love you back. So I wanted to share all the things that often get overlooked. 

  • Dirty cellphone
    I have said it before and I will say it again, cell phones are so DIIIIRRTTTYYYY! Think about it, you eat with them, travel with them and use the bathroom with them. They are even 10x dirtier than a public bathroom toilet..If you are breaking out on one side of your face and you still talk on the phone.. 
  • Dirty makeup brushes / tools
    This is a big one! Washing tools and brushes is such a tedious task I know! But it has to be done! 
  • Incorrect skin care routine
    Great! You have a skincare routine, but is it right for your skin type? Incorrect products/ ingredients can be super counterproductive. Also stacking the wrong ingredients together can actually make your skin worse/ more reactive. 
  • Not giving your products a chance!
    I have noticed that people will tell me that they will use something for one week with little to no results and will try something else or stop using all together. Did you know it take approx 4 weeks for a product to fully take effect? This is a full skincare turnover cycle. 
  • Touching your face 
    This one is a no-brainer but it’s one of the HARDEST ones. You really don’t realize how much you touch your face. It sometimes takes practice and discipline. Especially living in the “new normal” this is a great habit to break! 
  • Change in hormones/ medication or birthcontrol 
    I get plenty of clients coming in with breakouts along jawline and chin area. This is almost always hormone related. 
  • Sleeping with makeup on 
  • Dirty pillow case (silk)
  • Not washing face soon after workout / dirty hats / yoga mat
  • Workout clothes friction ingrown hairs 
  • hair products too close to hairline
  • Picking at your skin
  • Stress
  • Tanning
  • Masks 
  • Diet 
  • Making out with bearded men 
  • Smoking
  • Travel 

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