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Best Ways to Love Your Brows

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When I was growing up brows were the furthest thing from anyones mind. In the 90-early 2000’s it was the thinner the better! If we had only known! We all plucked, shaved (yes shaved) and Nair-ed those big beautiful brows, into things that looked like cringe-worthy division symbols. So I wanted to put together a go-to guide for keeping your brows in ship-shape and spare you some of the growing pains that us 80’s babies had to endure. 

Do not over pluck! I know, it’s so hard! Believe me I know, I used to basically shave my eyebrows off (and when I say basically I mean I did). I’ve got the pictures to prove it, and it’s not pretty. All I can say is, thank goodness for micro-blading!! It is so easy to get carried away. Repeated plucking can cause damage stunting growth. *Try filling in your brows before you pluck that way you don’t over do it. 

Try not to focus too much on symmetry (leave that to me!). You have heard the saying “they are sisters not twins” well, things can quickly take a downward turn and they can windup looking like distant cousins if you are not careful. With that being said, look at the inner part of your eyebrows, where do they start? They should line up with your nostrils. If you are unsure, hold a pen up against the bridge of your nose to get a guideline. 

Try a growth serum. Most lash growth serums can be used on your brows in addition to lashes and will give you a thicker appearance over time. For recommendations, contact me. Borboleta Lash Serum can also be purchased from me directly

Get regularly waxed! Helping you achieve the brows exactly how you want comes with the territory. Plus who doesn’t love the clean crisp look of freshly waxed brows?! *If using Retinol/Accutane/ Retin-A be sure to discontinue 2-weeks before waxing to avoid skin lifting. 

When doing ANYTHING with your brows stand at least 3 ft away from your mirror! Toss that magnifying mirror in the bottom drawer! Trust me, no one is looking at you that close up.  It’s easy to get carried away when you can’t see the big picture. Get in close only for the finishing touches. 

Utilize that spoolie! Whether it’s attached to a brow pencil or your brow gel wand, brushing those brows up it can completely change the fullness and overall look. Brown lamination can also be found in my list of services if this is the look you want to keep for weeks on end! 

When filling in your brows take short soft strokes, it will give them a more hair-like appearance. *spoolies are also great for softening any harsh lines for those who might be a little heavy handed.  

If you must trim (again USE A SPOOLIE) so important! Brush upwards and hold with the spoolie until you see the hairs that are too long or curled above the brow line and cut a little at a time. Keep in mind you can always take off more but you can’t go back if you go too far. So take your time! You do not want to rush this step. Cutting too short can cause some pretty funky looking “holes” in your brows which can mess with the shape. Less is more in this case!

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